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LT Buddies 2019


Inspired by “Start with a friend”, a platform that matches refugees with local tandem partners in Germany, Marta founded “LT buddies” to connect people across Lithuania. Lithuania has been a multicultural country since the days of the Grand Duchy, and in the current age of globalization this trend has intensified exponentially.

Still, according to recent studies, 81% of Lithuanians don’t know any foreigners in their country and 44% of Lithuanians think that integration is not successful in their local area. The absence of contact between foreigners, locals and Lithuanian returnees sharpens the prevalent negative attitudes towards immigrants in Lithuania.

“LT Buddies” makes it easier for newcomers and long-term residents of Lithuanian cities to mix and mingle. All you have to do is fill out the registration form, indicating what languages you speak and what you like to do or discover (arts, sports, board games, etc.), and we will match you with another buddy in your city. At the latest two weeks after registration, you will receive the contact details of your buddy with some suggestions of fun things to do in your city. You can meet up for any purpose at all - to visit a museum together, have a coffee, do a language tandem, go on a run together...all of this is up to you! We encourage active interactions between people of all creeds and nationalities. In pursuing this goal, we are united in our values of mutual respect, openness and peaceful co-existence.

We believe that this is the only way we will achieve happy and friendly cities that work for, and respond to the needs of, all their residents.

Each member of our platform therefore commits to the principles of:

  • Non-discrimination and respect for multiculturalism and different worldviews;

  • Volunteering and non-coercion (we only give the time we want to give);

  • Privacy and non-sharing of contact or other information with unauthorized third persons;

  • Proactive communication (we speak up if something doesn’t feel right);

  • Usage of this platform only for the stated lawful purposes (we don’t use this platform as a dating app).


We retain the right to exclude members who knowingly violate the principles stated above. In compliance with the GDPR, members’ data is never passed on to unauthorized third parties and is used solely for the purposes of the above-stated platform goals. Members have a right to have their data deleted any time by contacting us through the website www.ltbuddies.com. Read more about our privacy policy here.

Now, let's buddy up!